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Warning about 12 volt




Above - our DC cord (can come in either style)
Note the big "black box" in the middle which does all the required "work"

This item is available to purchase AS A SPARE PART* from this web site.
Cosmetic differences may apply.

Hundreds sold to date!!!

This item is always in stock (or we will say it is not!)
Item is usually posted second class (UK) the day after your order is placed.


Most 12 volt TV set do NOT come with a REGULATED 12 volt power supply to protect you against voltage drop.

If you have one of this gadgets it REGULATES the voltage off your batteries going in to your TV. This means that when your battery is being charged the output is stable, when the battery is fully charged the output is stable and when you battery is running low the voltage is actually INCREASED by it. At some point if the voltage from the battery gets too low the unit will shut down, and thus shut the TV set down with it to prevent damage to it.

You can now buy this voltage regulator here to use on your existing set. Please note this is sold as a spare part and we cannot be held responsible for any resulting malfunctions that may or may not happen as a result of your using it with a TV set not supplied by us.

Input via cigar type plug 12 volts or 24 volts.

 Output via standard TV type plug (pictured) 12 volts ONLY.

Actual input is between 30 and 10 volts, output 12 volts centre positive 5.0 amp, 60 watts.

The plug part that goes in to your TV has the following statistics


This may NOT be suitable for a Meos or Roadstar set due to plug sizes- ask first, adaptors may be available.

Leads are as follows

To the large "cigar" plug from the black box 15" excluding plug.

From the black box to the plug that goes in to the TV 15".

All approx and could change a bit, the cigar type plug can look a bit different!!!

ONLY 20 (inc UK postage)

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*SPARE PARTS are not covered by any warranty

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Amperor ADP-90DC-12