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Testimonials from advertisers of shares for sale

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What one advertiser wrote: - We have been absolutely delighted with the success of the advert.  We advertised in a very well known narrowboating magazine at the same time: our payment for a few lines of text for one month was considerably more than your charge for a year.  The response from that classified advert was poor whereas enquires from your site simply keep coming (which is why we have asked for you to mark it as sold).  In fact two shares came up at the same time and both were sold through your site (and none through the magazine). So keep up the good work!  We will be buying another share in a year or two and will be back to your site then - obviously, the only way to buy and sell shares!  You are very welcome to use any or all of this e-mail as an unsolicited testimonial if you wish.  We are very satisfied customers of an excellent enterprise - thank you.

 What one advertiser wrote: - Just to let you know that the advert for the sale of shares in M....... has borne fruit and I have now completed the sale of all three weeks to a chap from Pxxxxxxxx, who made contact as a result of finding the details on your website. Whilst waiting for him to complete the paperwork I also was contacted by another interested party making three enquiries in total.

A customer with a managed scheme wrote on a message board: - Possibly a small detail ............ I must tell everyone that I sold my share in Hxxxxxx through the Boatshare site. Just the way the cookie crumbled. I hope that we shall not be selling our "new" share for several years.

Another comment: - Well done on the website - a really good service. I will be adding you to the links section as soon as the updated design is online.. so probably in a couple of weeks. Would you be interested in banner swapping? We recently sold our share through you (well my parents did) - the amount of calls we got was amazing - so once again well done and thank you

And another: - Just to advise you that I received several enquiries from my advertisement on your web site and sold my share in 'V*****' a couple of weeks ago and the transaction is now complete. Thank you very much for your help.

And another: - Thanks to your website my share in 'The TXXXXXXX' has now been sold. Please indicate such and remove it from the site asap.

First in 2007: - We have formed a group (pictured above) for the "un named boat" with contact address of We are now called GXXXX EXXXXX and we have had our founders meeting and we are just beginning our first season on the canals. Thank you so much for allowing us to use your site it has been excellent in getting us all together

And again in 2007: - Thanks to your excellent website my share (plus the other one from A+++ G+++++ ) has been sold to a chap living in Australia. How's that for worldwide market penetration. Perhaps you could leave it on the web or add "sold STC" for another week or so to enable cheques to clear etc. Once again many thanks.

March 2007: - L**** was sending you an email yesterday evening re this so mail's may have crossed. Happily we sold our share very recently, I have the cheque to post today - entirely due to your site. So, thanks again for all your help. GL

March 2007:- Thanks for the ad on your website but I have just sold Pinder Boat. All the best PR

March 2007:- I am pleased to say that I sold my share in R******* 24 Hours after it appeared on your website. Many thanks for such an efficient service and such an effective site. Please now remove the advert. Please use this speedy response to promote your site if you wish. Many Thanks P M

April 2007:- Just to let you know that we have sold our share in AXXXXXXXX thanks to the Boatshare website !

April 2007:- It has come to our attention that a share advertised on here, where the advert was due to expire in April, actually sold last September, but the vendor overlooked telling us. The sale WAS as a result of an advert on this site

May 2007:- (E-Mail coming in) Just to let you know we have sold the 2 March weeks we own on CXXXXXXXX.  This leaves just our November week still to sell. Grateful if you could amend the webpage accordingly. (Answer- Will do - did my site do the trick??) Yes it did - within a couple of weeks we had sold the two weeks and have had a few enquiries re the November week.

June 2007:- Just to let you know in case no-one else has...    The share advertised for sale on nb MXXXXX has now been sold.   Another swift sale thanks to Boatshare  ...

July 2007:- Just a quick note to let you know we have just sold the last of our weeks on the canal boat CXXXXXXX.  Our ad can therefore be removed from your website. Thanks for all your help with this.  We would be more than happy to recommend your website to others. (Three shares sold)

August 2007:- The available shares in MXXXXX have all now been sold. Your site has proved invaluable as a means of letting potential purchasers now about MXXXXXX. Fantastic! Thank you.

September 2007: - I am just writing to let you know that the share we advertised on your site for HXXXXXX has now been sold and to ask if you could either mark it as sold or remove it from the site.  Although the sale was handled by our managing agents the advert on the Boatshare site generated a number of enquiries and the successful purchaser found out about the share through the Boatshare site, so thanks very much for your service! 

October 2007: - Just to say thank but we have sold all shares and at present will not be doing  another boatshare until end 2008/9 but will definitely come back to you and will not hesitate to recommend you and your service many thanks for your help over the last few months best wishes (They came back in 2008!)

November 2007:-  I am very pleased to say that we sold Week 8 on DXXXXXX within a couple of days of our advert appearing on the Boatshare website.  I was particularly surprised by this as the share in question was for a winter week when even the keenest boaters would rather be tucked up under the duvet!  Just goes to show why you should use a service which targets the exact audience that meets your needs.  I will be recommending the Boatshare site to any of our owners who decide to sell their shares in the future.

December (25th!!) 2007:-  We are delighted to let you know that , through your website, we have been able to sell two of the four weeks we own in K****.  Would it be possible to update the advert by making the following changes, please......

March 2008  As soon as convenient, would you please delete our advert for selling our two-week share on n/b K*****. Once again, your website has been the means of easily putting buyers in touch with us, and we have now sold these shares.
Thanks for all your assistance.

April 2008 Thanks to your excellent website the three weeks currently advertised on it have been sold this week and the money received - always the most important point.

June 2008
(An exchange of e-mails after I reminded the customer the advert was about to expire)  Shares all sold, thanks Thanks - out of interest do you know if it was my site that did it...?? Yes, we had several leads from your site and those who bought shares all came from your site.

July 2008 This is just to let you know that the share I had on offer for F******* has been sold. Many thanks to you for all your hard work in running an excellent website - the advert led to 6 enquiries.

September 2008 Another success story - Just to let you know that the share in D******  has been sold

October 2008 The share in BXXXXX is sold stc. The contact came through your website not from [Managing Agents], so that's one up for you!

November 2008 .....Should have let you know we sold it about six weeks ago through our advert on your website.

November 2008 Hello Philip, just to let you know that we have now sold our share in D@@@@@ and so need to remove the ad from the site. Had several enquiries including one from Australia so your site goes worldwide. We sold to someone who replied the day after the ad was published. Many thanks for all your help. Kind regards, J+++++ and J++++.

February 2009 Hello Philip, D++++++ for Weeks 29 & 30 have now been sold. Please remove from the website.
Thank you for your help and assistance. Didn’t advertise anywhere else so this sale is a direct result of your website.
Thanks R++++++

March 2009 Can you pull my advert please. I think it went live on the Thursday the 5th (2 emails the same day) viewing was Sunday. Sale agreed Wednesday only because I was out the country for Monday and Tuesday, and the money was in my account last Thursday! A record huh? Thanks for all your help in getting the advert just right. Regards D+++

May 2009 Hi, I'm pleased to say that once again your site has done the trick - I've just sold my two weeks on XXX XXXXX as a result of advertising on your site.  Can you therefore take my entry off the site. With thanks and best wishes BK.

May 2009 Your website works a treat, because we've now sold our shares. We had quite a flurry of interest, but the first person who contacted us saw her on Saturday and made a firm offer. So, would you please remove our ad. from the site now? Definitely a most efficient service. Many thanks Regards C.

June 2009 As at the end of next week, we should have sold our boat share. We are just waiting for the cheque to go through. Could you please take the advertisement off your board at the end of this month. Many thanks for your advice in placing the ad. I have recommended your site to the rest of our syndicate on the boat. I note that BXXX have not sold any of their MS shares for sale. So you are definitely beating your competitors!
All the best J C

June 2009 Dear Philip, my sale was a direct result of an enquiry via your website. Although my advert did not generate the interest I might have hoped for I think this was more to do with current market conditions. I think the website is excellent. I have recommended it to others.

June 2009 I have now sold my share in XXXXXX to an excellent couple who I am sure will fit in with the present owners very well. Please will you remove the advert from your website? Thanks for all your help and for running such an excellent and efficient website. If you ever need anyone to strongly advocate the website, please call on me.

June 2009. Hi Phil – can you remove the SXXXXX share from the list please. We have had confirmation from (managing agents) that it has now sold – We had about 6 enquiries from the site and thought we had sold it on two previous occasions but they changed their minds (don’t know why) before this third person went ‘all the way’. Thanks for your help – We definitely sold the share from the link on your site and not via (Managing Agents). J and L W

July 2009. Hello Philip. Thanks to your website our share in our Dutch Barge XXXXX is now in the hands of a new owner. Thank you. I shall certainly recommend the site to others. Please would you now be kind enough to remove the page http:xxx  Thank you again and best regards. Simon

July 2009 Hello Philip, Great News, at last we have sold our share in LXXXXXX, so many thanks to you and your website. We have had quite a few inquiries via your site, so it was lovely to finally get a sale through it also. Would you kindly arrange to remove the ad for us. Thanks again, Kindest Regards John

August 2009 Delighted to let you know that have successfully sold our share thanks entirely to your Boatshare site    There is another share in MXXXXXX coming on the market very shortly and from a conversation with the owner this a.m I believe they will be contacting Boatshare very shortly (they did, see October)

August 2009 I asked the new guy how he found it and he said boatshare, thanks a lot

August 2009 Yes, it did.....all of the enquiries we received, were as a result of the details being advertised on boatshare........

September 2009 ......could have sold the shares 3 times over.

October 2009 ....yes, via your site, although there was really little interest and the best price we could get was XXXXX. However  the enquiries we did have came from boatshare. I think 70 footers must have a limited market.

October 2009 (In answer to the question did your share sell in MXXXXX from your advert on boatshare) I'm pretty sure it did, as my purchaser had no other connection to anyone else in the syndicate. There were 4 other enquirers, too.

October 2009 A magnificent response from your website, and my share is sold. Could you remove my details. I believe that one other is interested in selling their share, I'll recommend your site.

November 2009: Thank you very much we have just sealed the deal for the transfer of a share in M SXXXXX would you now mark this advert as sold. For us your site was excellent and we would recommend it to anyone wishing to transfer shares in boats

January 2010: for info - to date, the ad has generated a number of enquiries and 2 couples are viewing this weekend.  This shows how popular your site has become!

February 2010: I'm pleased to tell you that I've sold three weeks of my five-week slot through your advert.......

February 2010: We received a number of enquiries fairly soon after the posting and 2 potential buyers viewed DXXXXXXX. One had travelled from Scotland (they did have a daughter near London) and they agreed to buy the share there and then (they even asked if we were happy that the price was enough ... gazumping!) we accepted a cheque for 50% on the day and the balance arrived within 7 days. Very happy to recommend Boatshare

March 2010 Your site was invaluable, we sold it through that. We will certainly be recommending you.

April 2010 Your site has been very successful and I have had a lot of replies. A sale has been agreed and we are just about ready for transferring the money. Many thanks for your help and I will recommend your site.

April 2010 Many thanks for your help with the sale I had a steady stream of genuine interest culminating in the sale of both shares to a couple in Australia. I have recommended your site to a number of people.

April 2010
With thanks to you the shares in XXXXXX are now sold, many thanks for your fine service and website

May 2010
Thanks for your help. I am sure that the buyer must have used your site, she had absolutely no connection with any of the other owners.

May 2010 The buyer saw the advert in the first week and was keen enough to visit the boat a few days later and agree a price (slightly less than advertised). Since then 2 more people have enquired. I think the site is very good in layout and operation. Thanks again

June 2010 Hi, please could you remove the listing for the TXXX, it has sold like the proverbial hot cake!

June 2010 ....Yes, it was a result of the advert on your site. So another successful result!

June 2010 Will you please remove the advert for my last week on RXXXXX. This one was sold to the mother of the guy who bought one of the other weeks, so 4 of my 5 weeks has been sold directly or indirectly through your page (the 5th week was sold to one of the fellow owners). Actually I have no idea about how I should have sold the if it was not for you. Thank you very much for your help and good luck with your page in the future. Best regards Susanne, Sweden.

June 2010 Guess what - KXXXXXXXX share sold 6.6.2010 - Couldn't let you know earlier as we were in England without access to internet, also on the boat. Nice couple, they have had a boat before - also had about four other requests, two of which came after the sale and we were overseas. Cheque still has to go to the bank later today so don't put the sold sticker on it until it is cleared - but hopefully all should go ok - will let you know. Thanks for your helpful service.

July 2010 Just a quick note to let you know that we have got a provisional sale of our HXXXXXXX share as an immediate result of your excellent e-mail.  We are awaiting the cheque to arrive (and clear) and will advise you when this happens.
The chap rang us last night and was very keen to buy the share before he jetted off to Corfu at 3.00 am this morning!! Needless to say it has generated much interest. Many, many thanks for your efforts on our behalf.  We will strongly recommend your site to others.  We had well over a dozen enquiries.

July 2010 Yes, my daughter did the trick as did your web site (at least I think it did as I had several enquiries both from your web site and towpath talk).

July 2010 .......sold via boatshare web site.

July 2010 .....sold via boatshare web site

July 2010 Good news! We have sold our share in SXXXXXXXX. We signed the deal on Friday so are happy bunnies indeed. Your website really does work. We had our share up for sale for at least 2 years with Ownerships and did not have one enquiry. Through your website we have had at least 20, so well done you, for a successful website. It may be advisable to save the page somewhere as I believe other owners are thinking of putting their share up for sale and I'm going to recommend your website, so rather than having to do the artwork again... (I do, Philip boatshare!)

July 2010 Just to let you know that you can chalk up another success!  Our share on DXXXXXX sold within a couple of days of placing the advert to a guy who was so keen he didn't even want to see the boat. Many thanks for your help; I will, as always, recommend you to any other owners wishing to sell their share.

August 2010 We have now sold our share in HXXXXX, so would you please remove the advert from the site. It was from your site, brilliant! Thanks once again, will pass on your details to anyone who might need it.

September 2010 We had 10 people enquiring about SXXXXXX, all directed from your site. The couple who bought her, found the advert on you site too.

September 2010 Thank you very much for all your help. We have been delighted with the response to our advert on your site and believe that we have now sold the share (the cheque has just gone into the bank). Would you be kind enough to remove XXXXX from your shares for sale.

September 2010 We have sold our share in SXXXXX, cheque received and in the bank
today! This makes it under a month from start to finish, amazing. Is this a record? Many thanks for all your help and advice - we recommend you to anyone we hear who is thinking of selling and will continue to do so.

September 2010 The advert seems to have worked exceedingly well - we have now sold the share! (Less than a week after it appeared (BS))

September 2010 Placed an advert to sell our share in NB K++++++ with boatshare on 21st August 2010. Less than 4 weeks later, after strong website traffic and a number of enquiries a buyer has been found and the sale concluded. A fantastic website for narrow boat buyers and sellers.

September 2010 Thank you for your help in setting up our advert on your site. This is to say that we have sold our share and so the advert can now be removed! Many thanks.

October 2010 We cannot praise your excellent site highly enough. Very professional and helpful from start to finish. What a result. Both shares sold within 24 hours of advertising. We shall certainly recommend you to anyone wishing to sell or buy a share in a narrow boat. Our grateful thanks for all your help.

October 2010 Just to let you know that, as the result of the advert in Boatshare, I have now completed the sale of my 1/6th share in IXXXX. The advert resulted in 6 or 7 serious enquiries, some from abroad. Thank you for running a very helpful and professional advertisement site for a very reasonable price. Please use this as a testimonial and I would have no hesitation in recommending Boatshare to any potential seller.

October 2010 Another satisfied customer. We have recently completed the purchase of a share in "AXXXX" and expect to use her for the first time next spring. Your service has been most helpful and we will certainly get back to you when our turn comes to sell. In the meantime, please remove us from your mailing list.

October 2010  Thanks to your site B++++ share successfully sold. There may be another share for sale early in the new year but owner will make contact if required. Thanks again.

October 2010
We only advertised our share in W+++++ on your site and it produced a good response quickly, even from Canada!  Thanks to the site we have sold our share.  Thoroughly recommend the service.

October 2010 We have now sold our share in Axxxxxxx and thank you for all your help. I will have no problem recommending your website to others.

November 2010
Your site did the trick. In fact I started to get enquiries within hours of the advert going on line and agreed a sales a few days later. I have been away for the last month and the cheque for the balance has been sitting on the door mat. Cheque should be cleared by end of week so you can either leave advert up until then or you could take it off as long as I can have it back for free if, in the unlikely event, everything goes pear shaped. (Of course...BS)

November 2010 Please can you remove my advert for the share in CXXXX from your website as I have now sold it.
Thanks for your help your site worked a treat with around 5 enquires and the sale was easy due to the type of people who contacted me.

November 2010 I am emailing to let you know that the share in OXXXXXXX has been sold yesterday, only took two weeks which is absolutely brilliant. Thank you. Can you either tag the advert as sold or remove it. I will definitely use your website if I ever want another and have recommended it to other owners if the need arises in future.

December 2010 The share in KXXXXXXX is now sold. It only took 5 weeks to find our buyer! There was a fair deal of positive interest from the start, we only advertised on your site and ExOS. Although a ‘school share’ was never possible we managed to arrange special share status for our American buyers who require 3 consecutive weeks every year in Spring or Autumn.

February 2011 Just to let you know that we have now sold the share in KXXXX. Thank you very much for all your help and support. We didn't advertise anywhere else and have sold to an
overseas buyer who wouldn't have found us without your help. Thanks again.

March 2011 Hi could you please remove the XXXXX share as it has now been sold / yes it was your site.

March 2011
Thanks to your web site we have sold our fifth share. Contracts and money were exchanged over the weekend.  Therefore can you remove details of XXXXXX's share please?

March 2011 I am pleased to report that with you help the 4 week share (of total 6 weeks) has now been sold. We would be very grateful if the details of the advert could now be amended to.......

March 2011
You have done it! The share in NB XXX [listed as XXXXXX] has now been sold. Please remove from adverts.

March 2011 Can you mark the advertisement as 'deposit received' as I have accepted a deposit for the sale of my share in GXXXXXX. A good result thanks to your web site

March 2011 Hi Philip, Guess what? The share is sold!! Two enquiries came within the first couple of hours and the first guy bought it :) Thanks for all your help

April 2011 Another success for the Boatshare site. My share in Sxxxxxx has been sold at the full asking price just two weeks after the ad went live. I would therefore be grateful if you could remove the advertisement. Thanks very much for your help and support in developing the advert.

April 2011 Within a day of advertising with Boatshare I had three enquiries and sold the shares that same day.  Excellent helpful service. Many thanks.

April 2011 Well, what a good day I had yesterday, I managed to sell one share! I met an couple who expressed an interest in buying a share in WXXXXX. We arranged to meet the boat at the end of the Welford Arm on the Grand Union and walked away an hour later holding a cheque! Well done to you and your great Boat Share site Philip.

April 2011 Thank you for putting our ad in the boatshare site. We had 3 serious replies and sold our share on he day the ad went in. Either a brilliant site or too low a price, or a mixture of both! Anyway, thanks very much. The monies have all been received, so it would be helpful if you could remove the ad now, please.

April 2011 After only two weeks advertising on the boatshare web site, I was able to secure the sale of my share in my narrow boat at an agreed price. The sale was achieved solely through this advertisement as the share was not promoted elsewhere.

April 2011 the way we sold a share so there is only one share left and I did not advertise any were else not even your suggested ones......

April 2011 Further to our text messages of yesterday - yes, our share of AXXXXX has sold thanks to Boatshare! Our purchaser received the key on Saturday, so the transaction is now complete. We were first contacted by the purchaser two weeks ago, and we managed to arrange for the owner who was on board at the time to show him around a few days later, and following that our purchaser offered the full asking price for our share!

We had 3 serious enquiries via your website (but none at all via (managers), who we were also advertising our share with) - the first liked the boat but wanted to pay £2000 less, the second liked her but didn't like our choice of holiday weeks (!), and the third was our purchaser.

Quotation from our purchaser: 'We found the details posted on the boatshare website very useful, detailed and giving a feel for what it would be like to be part-owner. For us, the depth of information was more useful than that on (Managers) website'.

As you know, I have been telling everyone about your website, and now there is another share of the same boat up for sale with you. I believe that there is another share which is likely to be advertised with you soon too. We shall keep spreading the word!

Many many thanks for all that you did to help us sell our share. Although we are gutted to have parted with our share, it is worth it to have an easier life with our teenagers! Boatshare made the process of selling so much easier, and we shall use it again when, hopefully in only a few years time, we are looking to buy a share of another boat (when we don't have to take our offspring on board with us).

April 2011
We took out a featured ad on .uk and we have received the funds for the sale of our 12th share in Cheddington and you can now remove the ad from your pages. We placed ads on several websites but had the most enquiries and a subsequent sale from the ad on your site, thanks for your help in the final touches to our ad which we are sure helped the successful sale of our 1/12th share in Cheddington.

May 2011 Unbelievable. Within two days of putting my ad on your website I'd had two serious enquiries which resulted in the sale of the share and the cash in the bank within ten days! Brilliantly constructed ad from the info I gave and very reasonable, just try putting a small classified ad in one of the waterway mags. if you don't believe me! I am quite happy for you to allow customers to contact me to verify this. Once again, many thanks.

June 2011 Thanks to you, I have now sold my share of SXXXXXX.  I had quite a lot of interest and am pleased to have sold it so quickly.  Please could you remove the advert now?  Thanks again for such a good service.

July 2011 The sale came from from your website, he was looking for a boat to rent & found your site. I had about 20 enquiries from your site & the combination of your site & the (boats own) web site did the job. My buyer did not need to see the boat to decide to buy, all the information was on the web sites.

August 2011 .....all four contacts came through your site, and I would recommend it anyone

August 2011 To let you know that through your site, I have sold all three weeks of my shares on CXXXXXX. Please now remove this advert

August 2011 Thank you for the service you have provided.  The 1/6th share in Narrowboat 'RXXXXX' has now been sold so the advert can be taken down. They did learn about it from your advert - it wasn't advertised anywhere else

August 2011 Just to let you know, we sold [the above share] through your website last week. It all went very smoothly and, have to say, we sold far quicker than we imagined as we only put it on at the end of April.

August 2011 Hi Philip, can you take down the ad for the barge please. The share was sold within 2 days of going live! Thanks for your help, Rod.

August 2011 Good afternoon Philip, this is just a quick email to say we have, through your site, sold our share in SXXXXX. Could you therefore delete it from the list of those that are “For Sale”. Thanks for all your help.

September 2011 Good Morning, Phil! Please note all shares in OXXXXXX are now sold. It may interest you to know that in spite of being advertised in several formats with different organizations, both shares were sold via the first interest being awakened by your ads on the Boatshare site. Moral of the story, don't bother with anyone else, just have a chat with Phil! Best Wishes & Many Thanks Gerry

September 2011 The share for sale in Sxxxxx has been sold.  Would you please remove the advert thank you. (do you know if it was as a result of your advert on my site? ) Yes Philip, it was, thank you very much!

September 2011 I am pleased to say that we have now sold both our shares in CXXXX, so the advert can be removed from We are very grateful for your help with this, especially as I believe one of the buyers came to us having seen only the Boatshare ad.

September 2011 I have today received payment in full from CXXXX for the purchase of our 1/12th share in OXXXX. Thank you very much for your help in this sale.

October 2011  The boat has been sold: we are not at home and have received our first emails for a month today via the library in E Yorks. We shall highly recommend your website to others who may need a similar service.

October 2011 Just to let you know that we have SOLD our share in the Dutch barge "DXXXXXXXX". Please could you take it off the Website in "Barge shares for sale in France". A great deal of interest and the new owner is very happy. Many thanks for all your help.

October 2011. "....yes they are both sold....your site sold them....." (Two shares, part of an exchange by text!)

October 2011. I am happy to inform you we have sold our share, subject to contract and getting the money...But it's a previous Ownerships person buying....Returning to shared ownership. So if you could put a banner across our advert SSTC, it would be appreciated. We had Two visits Sunday before last and another enquiry on the answer machine when we got home... Who said money was tight...

November 2011. Would you please remove our listing for XXXXX from your website as we have managed to sell our share? We were very pleased with the response and only wished we had contacted you earlier - we must have received nine enquiries...

December 2011.
......he saw it on your site, recognised it of course, and then suggested to me another site to put it on. I didn't do that, and eventually he came back and said he'd like to buy the share himself.

December 2011. I'm happy to advise you that we have now sold our share through your Boatshare site.
Thanks for your help

January 2012 Thank you very much for continuing to run such a successful site. I have now sold my one week share in RXXXXXX for the asking price and am delighted that it sold so quickly - thanks to The purchaser is a former owner of his own narrow boat, and obviously knew where to look for a share in another. Would you now kindly remove my advertisement.

January 2012
I'm pleased to tell you that our share in Fxxxxx has sold. Off to the pub!

January 2012 Can you remove Mxxxxx from your list please?  The share is now sold (I asked "Did my web site do the trick?) Yes, I think so.  I believe another shareholder might approach you soon.

February 2012 Hi, Share successfully sold. I got two enquiries direct from your advert, and one fifty/fifty with the boat website as they also checked yours. First contact bought. Good service, very impressed. Many Thanks

February 2012 Just to let you know that our share in MXXXXXXX has now been sold. It sold through your web site. Thanks very much for your help.

February 2012
We had five enquiries about our share in NB Sxxxxxxxx  and sold at the asking price after only six or seven weeks. Very easy to use site for both selling and buying. Well done, thanks.

March 2012 We are pleased to inform you that we have sold our share in SOXXXXXXX. Could you therefore remove the advert. For your information we receive 4 people who expressed interest from the advert over the winter months.
Thank you for your assistance.

March 2012 Thank you for all your help. We have now sold our share in CXXXXX and would be grateful if you could withdraw the advert. The purchaser responded to the advert on your website, so you can claim another sale this year!
For your info, I also placed adverts through Ownashare and Tillergraph but have not had any enquiries from them.

March 2012 I believe you 'went live' with our advert for 2 shares on BXXXXX at about 14:13 on 26/01/2012. By 16:30 the same day, I had received an email from a prospective purchaser of one of the shares. Is that a record? If not it was amazingly quick. That first enquiry resulted in a sale of a share and we were able to complete the transaction in February and give our new syndicate member a trip out on the boat.

The second share sale has taken a bit longer and has been recently completed and there have been further expressions of interest from those that have missed out on the share sale.

Clearly is a first point of reference for those seriously interested in boat-share. Thanks again for a successful share sale.

March 2012 Hi this is to confirm that the advert worked and we have sold our share in Mxxxx. Please accept this as confirmation that the advert can now be removed from your website. Thank you for your help.

April 2102
Hi just to let you know that I have successfully sold my boat share. The sale came directly through your site as it was the only site it was advertised on. Would definitely use your site again either to sell or buy. Have recommended you to the syndicate which I have just sold my share from.

April 2012 Hi Philip, the shares in BXXXXXX are now sold, it took a while but with patience to find the right people we sold the shares, so you can add that to your shares sold list, we did not advertise the shares anywhere else so they where sold solely through your site, many thanks for your help, regards graham (Two shares sold)

April 2012 Great news. The share is sold! Can you please amend the ad. to reflect this? I am very impressed with boatshare's service. I had only posted the ad. for about six days three responses already. The eventual buyer was so keen to beat the opposition that he bought the share without even viewing the boat.  Many thanks for a great service!

May 2012 (I asked if the share was sold) Yes, we have. The buyer was via your board so thanks very much. Very sorry that I forgot to remove it.

June 2012
hi Philip, my share in Axxxxx is now sold via your site.. again! Thanks for your help, I did reduce the price a little tho I didn't need to.

June 2012 We have successfully sold our share in HXXXXX and would now like the advert taken off your website.
I would like to thank you for the facility offered and am impressed at how effective it has been considering the present economic climate. It has been a pleasure doing business through your website, thank you.

July 2012 I have sold my PXXXXX. Following your encouraging email the guy bought it unseen. So thank you very much for all your efforts.

July 2012
We are delighted to tell you that we have sold our 2 week share in RXXXXXX after the buyers saw it on the Boatshare website

August 2012 You have the share of Freedom on Boatshare. We have now sold this share so would be grateful if you would take down the advert. Many thanks for your help, it produced a lot of enquiries.

August 2012 One of the great things about the Boatshare website is that Philip doesn't simply take your money and just leave your advert sitting on the site. He promotes it through his emails, promptly changes it when details of the boat, or other circumstances, change, and freely offers advice along the way. As well as simply placing an advert, you get help and advice from someone who knows the shared boat market inside out. A quality, friendly service, and yes, our share has sold.

August 2012 (in a letter....yes, one of those things with a stamp!) I would be grateful if you would remove the share for sale information from NB XXXXXXX on the boatshare web site as the share has now been sold, thanks to the site. Thank you very much for your help and also for returning the photo

September 2012 I should have told you a few weeks ago that my share on DXXXX was sold in July. I am sorry for the delay. Please take the details of it off the boatshare website. I was delighted with the very efficient service you provided and very happy with the ease with which I sold my share.

September 2012 Hi Philip. Suddenly had a rush of interested parties after PXXXXX. Now sold. Many thanks for your help!

September 2012 Please remove our advert as we have sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your website found 3 potential buyers in only a few weeks and we would thoroughly recommend your business to anyone who enquires.

September 2012 Hi Phil Just to let you know that today Tues.4th Sept.2012 we have received payment for our share in nb ZXXXXX and so yet again the Boatshare web site has been successful in selling a shared ownership share in a narrow boat.  We have had a total of three phone calls as a result of the advert...the first guy went to look at the boat decided not to buy because it was too short as he wanted to take family on board .....the second guy went and visited and has bought our share .........a third person has expressed great interest and may well be contacted by one of our other owners who might well sell him his share! What a result, many thanks again for a super service.

October 2012
Telephone conversation "The share is sold, indeed we had a lot of enquiries and could have sold it a few times".

October 2012 Just to let you know that the share has now been sold. Thank you for all your efforts in selling my one remaining share in Wxxxxxx. I know that the two shares I had have been bought by lovely people who were longing to go on the cut in there very own narrow boat, instead of hiring year in and year out! Owning a share in a narrow boat really does mean more, and gives the owners a greater sense of belonging when they are onboard their boat, rather than being on the usual run in the mill hire boat!  Well done and I wish your unique Boatshare website a great future in helping to fulfil share owners dreams! Again, well done!

The Zxxxxx Boatshare was sold some little while ago but I'm afraid I didn't get round to letting you know. You might like to know that I also advertised the share on eBay, Apollo Duck, and a few other popular boat sale sites but I had much more interest and better quality enquiries from your site than from all the others, and the buyer was one of those. With thanks for all your help and interest when the advert was first set up.

NOVEMBER 2012 I am very pleased to say that the sale of our share in AXXXXXX has now been formally completed (as at 31st October 2012). Please could you therefore take down the advert from your website.We had about three enquiries overall and it was the very first of these who eventually proceeded to buy. Many thanks for all your help and advice.

NOVEMBER 2012 There is no need to update the advert as I have already gotten a firm offer on the share. In one day I had 3 contacts and one said I will buy absolutely period. His credentials are astounding and the mgt committee is reviewing and I expect no issues and money in-hand next week


A. you have a great process for us who have multi-share boats. You have my excellent reference to use as you wish.
B. It was a pleasure working with you and you did a great job of leading me through to a great advert
C. Drat, I should have priced it higher:-)

And in a letter to his fellow owners......

.....I put an advert for my third share with Philip, who runs this business, couldn't have been more helpful in interactively helping put together the best advert possible. He was a joy to work with, and took about two weeks to get (it) right......Boatshare is absolutely how I would go if I had to do this again....The day the advert went on line, I got an unconditional offer from our new partner. Indeed he was awaiting just such a share which explains part of the speed of sale, but that first day I also received two other emails of interest that seemed to have some seriousness.....

December 2012 We have just sold all our shares in KXXXX thanks to your website. Thanks for the excellent service. We'll definitely be recommending your site to other shareholders.

December 2012 We have now sold our share in CXXXXXXX so could you amend the advert. Many thanks and we would recommend your services to any one. Again many thanks.

December 2012
Philip, Thank you very much for all of your help in the selling of the share in ZXXXXX. I found the setting up of the advertisement very easy and it certainly came out looking very eye catching and professional. That is possibly why the sale happened so quickly. Thank you again. Laurie

January 2013 (Telephone call) "Did your advert on my web site sell your share in CXXXXX?" "It did, it did, you are obviously doing reasonably well"

January 2013 Just to let you know I sold my share yesterday and all finance was paid in full. May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help, the purchaser got in touch through your web site. Would you please remove the advertisement .

January 2013 Just to let you know that we've now sold our share of OXXXXX. After listing the share on your site we had a steady trickle of enquiries, and the first people we showed around the boat bought the share.Thank you.

January 2013
Selling my shares was so easy with Boatshare. I was recommended to use this site by former users and I can see why. The whole process was dealt with most professionally by Philip. He was able to offer good advice and the final advert far surpassed my expectations. Not surprisingly, the advert attracted interested purchasers very quickly and as a result my shares were sold within three months.What wonderful value for money. Many thanks Philip

February 2013 My share that was for sale in GXXXXXXXX is now sold, and I believe that the purchaser saw the advert initially on your website. Grateful if you could now remove the advert from your website.

March 2013 Yes we are sure the advert did the trick. Thanks again (TXXXXX)

March 2013 The subject line says it all - sold to a chap from Darwin, Australia. He enquired the day after the ad went in and the sale has been signed and sealed already. Your site obviously does the trick (although an offline versions of the form would be very useful at the composition stage) and has proved to be remarkably good value for money. Please remove it from the site and many thanks. We'll start looking for a UK based narrow boat now.

March 2013 We have now sold our share in OXXXXXX. After reducing the price on your suggestion we had six telephone calls and subsequently sold the share on Sunday last. Could you please remove the ad from your web site now.

March 2013 - The one that got away.
I am happy to say that our share in AXXXX has been sold. Sadly this wasn't as a direct result of the advert on boatshare, however I am sure the advert has been useful in sharing details of the boat. I have recommended your site to other syndicate members, for future share sales.

On a personal note, thank you for the speed and fantastic level of support and service you've provided throughout the time our share has been advertised for sale. It has been a refreshing change to deal with someone so capable, friendly and professional.

April 2013 Delighted with the service. Easy to load the boat details into the webpage and on first day we received two enquiries, one of which resulted in a sale just a couple of weeks later. Thoroughly recommended.

May 2013 Please take down the ad for CXXXXXX. We have successfully sold the weeks on offer at the asking price to a buyer who contacted us after using your website. Another success for Boatshare.

May 2013  Hi Philip. Yes, please do take my CXXXXX advert off as my share is sold. Sorry - should have told you. It was your Boatshare advert that sold the share. Many thanks, Jean

June 2013 I have successfully sold by share in WXXXXXX thanks to your site, so, could you remove all the details please....once again thanks.

June 2013 A chap who had previously owned IXXXXX (in OwnerShips time) was trawling the internet and came across the advert and we sold it to him - unfortunately we didn't get the asking price. However, two weeks later someone else contacted us from the website - we'll never know whether he would have stumped up the cash but not to worry, it's all sorted now! Thanks for a great service at a great price.

July 2013 Could you please remove our advertisement (for DXXXXXXX) from the Boat Share web site as the share has been sold. The contact came from the Boatshare site.

July 2013 Please withdraw my advert for NB BXXXXX. Sorry for delay, but I've been overseas. BXXXX was sold almost immediately to the first lucky applicant. Your marketing site together with your support are first class. Many thanks.

July 2013 I am very pleased and just a little relieved to let you know that we have today just completed the sale of our share in Wxxxxxxx. Although we had to reduce the price considerably from the initial asking price we are glad not to have to ongoing expense. Thanks very much for your efforts and assistance with this It was the lead from your website, so you can definitely claim that one! Thanks again.

July 2013 I can confirm that the share sale for VXXXXXXX has now been concluded, Money has changed hands and the process of formalising the deal is in the process of completion. Thank you for making this possible through your most helpful website.

August 2013 Just to let you know that the sale of both shares in PXXXXX went through yesterday. There are therefore no shares for sale. All of the serious enquiries that we received, and there were quite a few, were all via your web-site, so your site does seem to be the place to go for people looking to purchase a share in a narrow boat. Thank you for your efforts, and especially for changing our ad while you were on holiday - that was much appreciated.

August 2013 I am pleased to say that our share in nb "GXXXXX" listed on your website has now been sold. I am sure that it was off your advert. The share was listed also with XXXXX X XXXX but none of their contacts came to anything. Many thanks for your help.

August 2013 We advertised our share on Boatshare and it went live on Sunday 11th August 2013. Wednesday 14th we had an enquiry followed by negotiations, and the money was in our bank account on Thursday. The savings on subscriptions to the Sinking Fund far outweighed the cost of the advert. The enquiries continued to come in until I asked to remove the advert. This was also the case earlier in the year, when another owner sold their share. The selling owner had purchased his own boat, so the swift sale of the share, which he wouldn't use was so pleasing to him.

August 2013 Please be advised that the my share in HXXXXXX was sold today. Thank you for all your help in setting it up it was through you advert that the sale took place.

September 2013 Hi Share in DXXXXXXX now SOLD, thank you for all your help in achieving this.

September 2013 Please feel free to add our last sold share to your list of shares sold, I am sure your site has helped in sell the shares we have had for sale during the last two years.

October 2013 Just to let you know that we have now sold our share of WXXXXXX for the asking price of £2900. The purchaser says that he initially found out about WXXXXXX on your website.....

October 2013 Hi, the share was seen on your site and another so not sure which qualifies for the sale (mine ;-)   )

October 2013 I am pleased to say that we have sold the boatshare from your advert and I shall be glad if you will now remove it from your website.

October 2013 We are pleased to confirm that following placing an advertisement on the Boatshare website earlier in the year with a view to disposing of our share on WXXXXX, we have now sold the share following an enquiry which arose from the advertisement. Needless to say we are very pleased about this, and although it took about nine months I guess this is about average. We would like to thank you very much for your assistance, particularly finding the photos of a similar boat in lieu of our own interior shots....

October 2013 Good news. I have now sold both my shares through your web service. They seem nice people and hopefully will fit in well with our group.

November 2013
Q. We have now sold our share so want to remove the advert from the site. How
do we do this, or do you do it for us? (Boat name SXXXXXX)
A. I do it.
Q. Did my web site do the trick

A. Yes, thank you. Quite a few people contacted us all via your web site and eventually it sold.
Many thanks

November 2013 If possible, could you please remove our advert for a share in 'SXXXXXX' from your website? We sold it some time ago but are still receiving enquiries. We think your website sold it, although possibly indirectly because the share was bought by a friend of another owner.

November 2013 I have got my share in N B EXXXXX for sale with you. Thanks to your advert I have now sold it so would you take it off the advert. My weeks for sale were ..................

February 2104 I am pleased to be able to tell you that the share we put up for sale on SXXXX sold very quickly. We now have a full complement of owners .....I think another owner may be considering selling in which case the advert could be used as a template.

March 2014
(I were made aware a share in MXXX was sold via the web site but no testimonial was forthcoming.)

March 2014 I would be grateful if you could remove the "RXXXX share for sale" from your web site.
The advert was instrumental in selling our share on RXXXX. We had two enquiries within the first two weeks and the share has now sold within a month of appearing on your web site.

Thank you so much for helping to sell our share. Your service was very much appreciated and at a fraction of the cost that the home marina quoted. Thanks for providing this service.

March 2014 Could you please take down our details as we have sold our shares. Someone rang within an hour of the details going live - so thank you very much.

April 2014 Just to let you know that we have just completed the sale of our share in AXXXX. It was sold through the advert placed with your website, so thanks very much for your help. We will certainly recommend your website to anyone wishing to sell a share. Could you therefore please remove the advert and our details from the site. Many thanks

April 2104
Just to let you know that I have sold my share in DXXXXX. There are two on your site at present - mine is the one due to expire on ....... Please can you remove this advert to stop further telephone calls to me!

April 2014
Just a short note to let you know that I have now sold my half share on DXXXXXX so could you please remove her from the Boatshare site.Many thanks for your help. Brilliant site.

April 2014
The SXXXXXX share has now been sold - thank you for your help.

April 2014 Many thanks for your Boatshare ad. It galvanised activity within the syndicate and the two shares have been sold, to existing members or close relatives. Votes of confidence for the boat and it's syndicate !

April 2014
My share in XXXX has sold, one of the syndicate bought it as soon as he saw the advert go up … He knew that I was selling her, but I guess that he held off as long as he could / dared. I’ve had a couple of other people who have been in touch since too so whatever you do, you clearly do well !! Not sure what you do at this point, presumably leave her up, but marked as sold ? Many thanks for your patience / assistance.

April 2014
Yes, share #8 was sold to an overseas buyer who saw it on your boatshare site. Nice to see it working so well.

April 2014
This web site worked really well for us and made the sale of our two shares very easy even though we live 5000 miles from Britain. Organizing the advert was efficient and easy and Philips attention to detail was critical in getting the advert out accurately. We are very pleased with the whole process. Thanks Philip!

May 2014
You may remember you put an advert for us on your website last July - as per email exchange below. I am pleased to report that the share has now sold for close to the asking price so could you take the advert down. Thanks for your help - a successful result.

May 2014
A big thank you to for helping us to sell our share. From start to finish the process was very easy. We had a number of enquiries, more than I expected actually. I would recommend anyone selling a share to use without hesitation.

May 2014 I am pleased to let you know that my share of Oxxxxx sold yesterday. So thank you very much for the advert......So thanks once again for a very swift sale!

May 2014 (One week after placing the advert)
I had two enquiries and the first enquirer viewed the boat on Friday and decided to buy the share.

May 2014 I am pleased to tell you that I have sold my share on Pxxxxx today. So you can add that to your tally of sales for the month of May. Would you please now remove it from your website? Thank you for your help.

May 2014 My money is in the bank with my brother in London so all clear to remove our add. Many thanks - your site worked very well.

May 2014
(A second share in the above boat was sold, and the vendor of that share told me about it....most odd)

June 2014 A quick note to say thank you for a job well done. Following two very interested contacts via your site, we have sold our share in XXXXX, in less than a month, and for the full asking price. This was done solely through We have just recommended you to another owner who is looking to sell. As you are aware, we bought our share in XXXX through an advert on, so excellent service all round.

June 2014 Just to let you know that my share in SXXXXXXX has now sold through your excellent website. So the advert can be removed

June 2014 First share now sold - contact within 8 hours of your email!

June 2014 Success at last! Please remove my listing for SXXXXXXX as I have now sold for the (reduced) asking price. Thanks for your help and advice.

July 2014 I am writing with very good news! We have sold our share! The buyers viewed your website and we have taken it forward from there. Very impressed as it has taken no time at all. Please can you remove the advert from your website.

July 2014 Good news ! The share in BXXXXX has sold for the asking price as of yesterday and I would appreciate the advert reflecting this. I even had a choice of buyers......
(Note from boatshare - this share was sold for £29,000.00)

July 2014 Thank you very much for the excellent service that you and boat share have provided me with, I doubt very much if I could have sold the share on EXXXX without your help. Any way this share is now sold please can you remove the advert.

July 2014 I'm sorry that I've not contacted you before but I've been away for most of the summer. Not yet been on DXXXXXXXXXXX. We're out there for the last two weeks in August.

My main reason for writing was to confirm that, thanks to your advert, we did sell the share in DXXXXXXX to another Aussie who will be taking his first cruise in September. I should have told you sooner but I never gave it a thought until someone contacted me asking if it was still for sale. Could you remove the ad please? Or maybe mark it to show it's been sold. It was certainly excellent value for money. Thanks again. I hope life is treating you well.

(August 2014 At the request of a major management company we were asked to market a share at a discounted price for an "overnight sale" - it sold in one hour.)

August 2014 I should be grateful if you would take DXXXXXX down from your advertising as I have accepted an offer. I'm grateful for your help in doing this and hope that you can take this email as sufficient authorisation.

August 2014 Just to let you know that our share in VXXXXX has now been sold, so you can remove it from your website. That will increase your success rate all the more! Thanks for your invaluable help.

August 2014 I thought you would be pleased to know that we have sold a 1/3 share in CXXXXXX through your website.

September 2014 Hi, Can you please remove the advert for shares for sale in the narrow boat MXXXXX? The shares have now been sold and I don't want any more enquiries. Thank you very much. This is the second time I have sold shares on your website and I really appreciate the service.

September 2014 We felt from the outset in good hands advertising our boat share with you: and so it has proved. Our share in CXXXXXXXX sold for the asking price last week after little more than two months on the site.
Please remove the ad from the list.Best wishes and many thanks.

September 2014 The share has sold. Thanks very much for all your help. And yes it was from your website. There were half a dozen enquiries in the week after the price dropped to £2500 after six months of no enquiries at £4000 so I guess we know the market rate at least!

September 2014 (BS) Your advert on boatshare for WXXXXX is ending soon and I am advised the share has sold. Can you let me know if this is indeed the case and if so if you think my advert did the trick? (Customer) I think it helped in the sale - thank you.

September 2014 Hi, just a quick e-mail to inform you that all my shares in RXXXX have now sold. Thank you for your help.

September 2014 The share in NB FXXXXXXX, currently advertised on boatshare has now been sold to the ad can be put on the back burner again, until the next time.Many thanks for the help and your good offices.

October 2014 ....the purchaser told me he saw the share advertised on your website so I think you can count that as another success!

October 2014 I am pleased to tell our share in nb BXXXXXXX is now sold due to your wonderful site.
Thank you very much for a great service.

October 2014 (Share sold off the site, comments requested....but never came!)

October 2014 I'm pleased to advise that I have now sold my share in DXXXXXr (at the full price). Please therefore remove the advert from your site. Thank you for your assistance and may I wish you continuing success with 'Boatshare'.

October 2014 Boat is FXXXXX, name is WXXXX, sold via boatshare website.

November 2014 Hi there my share in the above boat is now sold, therefore would you withdraw the advert. thanks for your help. The boat was viewed through your website.

November 2014 Thanks for your phone message, sorry I missed you. Just for my statistics did your advert on my site sell it? Thanks Phil, the answer is yes. Thanks very much for your help. Regards Ian

December 2014 Pleased to report that we had interest in AXXXXX shortly after the advert went live and we have now concluded a sale. Therefore, please take the advert down. Many thanks for your assistance again

December 2014 My share in SXXXX has now been sold, so I would be grateful if you could remove my ad from your site. Thank you for facilitating the sale of the boat in such quick time. Thanks

December 2014 You will be glad to hear that we have sold the share we had up for grabs. Would you please remove the advert. It sold through your advert.

January 2015 We are pleased to inform you that our Share in TXXXXX has been sold via boatshare and that our advert may be removed.

January 2015 I am emailing you to let you know that we have sold the final two weeks on the MXXXXX. Can you please remove the advert. Thank you for all your help. I asked "Did my web site do it?" Yes it did thank you. We didn't have a lot of interest, perhaps because it was only two weeks, but funnily enough the day the chap sent the cheque, I had another enquiry.

January 2015 I have an advert on your web page. Through you I have been able to sell two of the three weeks on offer ....... Thank you for your help in selling weeks......

January 2015 Sold within 48 hours Very happy.

February 2015 I thought that I would drop you a line to give you some feedback on the status of our share-sale.

After an initial flurry of enquiries last April we managed to entice six interested couples to Braunston Marina on the w/e of the Boatshare show. This had it's pros' and cons !

On the up side it gave prospective shareholders the opportunity to not only view the boat but also other narrow-boats being marketed.

On the down-side we there was more competition and I must admit some of the other boats on view were rather more up-to-date and attracting a lot of attention. (I suspect that some of our existing shareholders couldn't resist wandering over to the main area to have a look !)

I think that the scene was set for the day when the first couple arrived and having taken a quick look at the boat from the pontoon they didn't bother looking below deck and wandered off muttering something about thinking of something 'a bit more up-market' ! Huh ... cheek !

No matter - it was a fun and we enjoyed the process even though there were no takers on the day.

We continued to receive enquiries as a result of the ad - probably around 15 in total - and I'm pleased to say that we were contacted in October by a family in Milton Keynes who have now become fully paid up shareholders and we are all looking forward to meeting them at our AGM in a few weeks time.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in this matter and to wish you well in the future with the Boatshare web-site which is a wonderful resource.

Some of our members were sceptical whether open-market promotion of shares via the web would generate any interest but they have been proved well and truly wrong. Keep up the good work.

February 2015 The share in SXXXXX is now sold, spotted on your website by a guy in Dublin. Thank you for your help.

March 2015 This is just to say that I have now sold my share in NB SXXXXXXXXX, thanks to the Boatshare website. Could you please remove SXXXXXXXX from the listings? Thanks very much.

March 2015 Just to inform you that my share in OXXXXXXX is now sold (off the web site - I asked) so could you please remove the advert and my email address

March 2015 (from form on web site) Yes - sold via boatshare web site

March 2015 Buyers! Like blooming buses, none for a year then 4 come along all together. I am not sure what is in the air but the good news is that the share is now sold so could you please remove the advert. Off shopping for our own boat now!

April 2015 Just thought I would let you know I've sold my share in Sxxxxxx. ( I asked Well done - did it go off my web site) Yes it did, i am going to copy you into an email to our other owner who is selling.

April 2015 Hi Philip, Just to let you know, I have sold my share in nb Sxxxxx thanks to your excellent website. If I decide to have another go at narrow-boating I will surely come back to you to find one.

April 2015 Many thanks for your highly efficient service – we have successfully sold our share in OXXXXX so request that it is now removed from sale.

May 2015 Please be advised that I have sold my share in TXXXXXXXX narrow boat that is advertised on your Boatshare web site. (It) was sold from your web site.

I found your web site easy to use and reasonably priced. Your web site contains a lot of advice on how to compose the text for the advertisement which was then written promptly and return to me for comment in a day. I had two good quality enquiries, the second of which ended up as a sale. The advertisement went live at the end of February and the second successful enquiry was made at the end of April, with the sale being completed at the beginning of June.

May 2015 Yes, Philip. I know that SP wrote to you and asked you to wait until he returned before he asked you to modify that advert as he wishes to sell his share - repeat business is a good testimonial. I am copying S into my reply so that he can take the necessary steps.

May 2015 Hi Philip! We have found a buyer for one of the two shares we hold in MXXXXX.... Thanks to your site!
Could you therefore please amend the ad to ONE share now please? (see below)

May2015 Hi Philip....Our buyers have decided to buy BOTH shares! So please now delete our ad....Many many thanks!

May 2015 Would you mind removing DXXXXX from your boats for sale section as I seem to have sold my share - although I take nothing for granted- and a deposit has been paid. Out of interest I sold it for £6XXX as opposed to the £7XXX in the advert but the French market is rather overcrowded at the moment. Many thanks for you help with the ad. and the later reinforcer. (sic)

June 2015 Hi Philip Regarding the advert for SXXXXXX, the share is now sold so you can update your website. Thank you for your help. Didn't get many inquiries but they were all through you.

June 2015 ......The share sold from your site. Both the shares we have sold have been down to you. I think your site is brilliant. Plus you helped me enormously in promoting the boat in the best way so thank-you for all your help with this.

July 2015 (Following a sale of a share I was sent these kind words) is a cost-effective way of selling your share in a narrow boat. It is simple to use and support is always available. I recommend it highly.

July 2015 ....Yes - sold via boatshare web site.....Thanks for providing the website.

July 2015 Hi, just to say I have now sold my shares in NB SXXXXX. Please could you remove my ad. Many thanks for your service.

July 2015 Good morning, I would be grateful if you would remove the WXXXXXX share from your sales list. The share has now been sold.....I only advertised on your site and that is where the sale arose from. Thanks for the excellent advertising you obviously reach a lot of people.

July 2015 This share is now sold. Please could you remove the advert.......they had seen the advert on your site.

August 2015: How's that for a quick sale! I completed on the sale of my share on OXXXXX yesterday. I had 3 genuine enquiries and at least 2 buyers. I still think I pitched the price about right considering there was only 1 weeks holiday booked and there will probably be 2 more calls for the sinking fund this year. I'll keep looking at your website as my wife's back problem might improve and we could be back in the market for a share one day.

August 2015: I am pleased to report that I completed the sale of my CXXXX share yesterday. The process began last Thursday when, after a silent few months, suddenly three people were interested in my and SP's shares. Just like London buses, none and then three at once. I believe his sale is in the final stages now too. So that's three shares sold via your site this year. For me, it ends 51 years of boating and boat ownership. I am stepping down as Chairman of the syndicate but am sure that we will be in touch again when the next owner decides to sell.

September 2015: Just a note to inform you that we have sold our shares in Narrowboat EXXXXXX. We found our buyer through your website. Many thanks.

September 2015: I am pleased to report that I have completed the sale of my share so would be grateful if you could now remove my ad from your website. In the end, we had three serious enquiries and a queue in case the sale didn't go through, so many thanks for all your help.

September 2015: We have sold the final share so could you take my advertisement off the site please. Thank-you for your help with this....your site is great!

September 2015: We have sold our share in NB SXXXXX. Many thanks for placing the Ad. Kindly now remove it from your listings..... it was your website. Excellent service thank you.

September 2015: CXXXXXX SOLD! Well done you !

September 2015: Further to our emails of this week, I am glad to say that we have now sold our two shares in Oxxxx.....Is that a record? (BS: Actually the record is a matter of a few hours but it is pretty close to one) Thanks for your help.

September 2015: (Advertiser called to say she had sold her 1/4 share in BXXXXX from the web site but was unable to e-mail me asking me to remove the advert for some reason (!?))

September 2015: I have found a buyer for my boat share. Can you now please remove my answer to you question re buyer, yes came via website.

October 2015: Just to let you know that we have sold our share in OXXXX, so the ad can come off the Boatshare site... they responded to our ad on Boatshare. I had two other calls as well, so very happy with the response we got...Many thanks for your help.

October 2015: I got my email from the buyer on the Saturday morning the day after ad went on but he was from Kent so had to co ordinate a viewing which was Fri just gone money in bank for asking price. Thanks again

November 2015: Our share in SXXXXXXXX is now sold. Thank you once again for this excellent service. Totally painless.

November 2015: I am pleased to say that I have now sold the above share with your assistance, and I am very pleased with the service you have provided. I would be grateful if you could remove my ad at your convenience.

November 2015: Just to let you know that the share in PXXXXXX has now been sold. So it can be removed from your list. The new owner took quite a while to make a decision, but got there in the end. Had about 10 queries from the ad, a problem that we had was the 'no dogs' clause which put some off. Thanks for your help again.

November 2015: We have now sold our share in SXXXXX, so please remove our advert (set to end 15/9/16) from the Boatshare website.
Thanks for all your help with the advert. The response was such that we could have sold the share five times over!

November 2015: Please remove the Ad for SXXXXXX from your web site. The share has now gone. Thanks for an excellent site. Please file the details as there may be another owner who may need your site.

December 2015: The share for sale on OXXXXXXX has now been sold and can be removed from the list. I had doubts that anything would happen before Christmas but in fact the share was sold within a month of it appearing on your website. It went for the full asking price. An excellent result and thanks to you for providing such a good shop window.

December 2015: Since our previous emails and before expiry date I had an enquiry for our sale. The viewing took place on Saturday and has subsequently sold.

January 2016: Our share in TXXXX has now been sold. Please delete the listing from your website. (BS: Thanks. Will do. Did my web site do the trick?) Thank you. I believe so.

February 2016: Will recommend your website. Could have sold the share 5 or 6 times.

February 2016: Just a note to say my share in CXXXXXXX has sold so it can be removed from your listing, I had seven enquiries in 4 weeks and sold to the second person to view. Thanks for an excellent service.

March 2016: Share on SXXXX now sold. The main factors the new owners liked, despite viewing shares on boats ten years younger, were layout, new engine/gearbox, and school holiday weeks allocated. Thank you for your help.

March 2016: Many thanks due to our advertisement with you on boatshare we have now successfully sold our 1/2 share in MXXXX, so you can now remove the advert. Many thanks.

March 2016: I am pleased to advise you that the share offered for sale on NB TXXXX has now been sold, and the advert can now be removed. Thank you for your help in bringing this sale to a successful conclusion. You might like to know that I received two enquiries on the day that the advert went ‘live’ – both remained interested until viewings could be arranged on the weekend before last as the boat had been undergoing winter maintenance until then. The only other enquiry was last weekend just as the sale had been finalised. Of the two initial responses, the one that was eventually not successful remains interested should another share become available.

April 2016: I have sold one of my shares that is listed in my advert, the one with the 2 weeks in August. Could you amend the ad to show this please.... The sale was from the info seen on the website.

April 2016: We were very pleased with the service from this site. Easy to set up the advert, everything sent for approval before going live. We sold our share within two months to the first couple who came to view the boat. We also had several inquires just after we had sold it.

April 2016: (2) Can you please take my advert down from the site, I have now sold both of my shares [in] OXXXXXX and both buyers saw the shares for sale on your site...Thank you.

May 2016: I am emailing to let you know that the share we had for sale on OXXXXXX has today been sold. You may recall, that there were four shares for sale on the boat, which, at the time, did present you with an interesting challenge in terms of marketing! However, my understanding is that all four shares have now been sold – our one being the last one. However, I am sure the other Share Owners will be in touch with you to confirm this if they haven’t done so already. Thanks again for your help.

May 2016: As of the 6th May 2016 my HXXXXX share has been sold, please will you mark her as so on the advert. Please can you confirm receipt of this email. Thank you for your assistance

May 2016: I confirm that I would like you to remove the advert for our share in WXXXX (Thanks - did it actually sell it??) Yes it did thanks.

June 2016: Please note the share in SXXXX has been sold so please can you withdraw the advert. Thank you for your help in selling so rapidly.

July 2016: Hi ! Phil, Good news for us today. Our share sold this afternoon so the advert need not be renewed. Thank you for you efforts on our behalf and your sound advice....Great site for selling shares. Kind Regards. Anne & Alan - NB MXXXXXX

July 2016: I have completed my share sale at £XXXX and I believe the buyer is also buying PXXX's share. Just shows you what a price reduction and a good email from you can do.

July 2016: Happy to say that we have sold our share in SXXXXX in the last couple of days. We had a number of people ask for further details, and the sale is now complete. I would be grateful if you would remove the advert from your list on all sites. Another satisfied customer - and I hope another new boat owner delighted with their acquisition of our former share.

August 2016: We have now received the payment for our share in DXXXX so you can now delete it from your records.

August 2016: I would like our listing for SXXXXXXXX to be unlisted. It has now been sold. Thank you for your service and time!

August 2016: Receiving this email has just reminded me to inform you of the successful sale of my shares in EXXXXXX. I had around six enquiries and three people wanting to buy recently! Thank you for your help and advice. I will certainly use your services again.

September 2016: Please note that the share in AXXXX has now sold so could you take down the advert. Many thanks for your assistance.
Interestingly we have had a flurry of enquiries since we identified the successful purchaser. This followed a near silence for about 8 months. Also interestingly the recent enquiries have come from people wanting something different from the standard boat share offer and the successful purchaser made it clear that it was the boat not the price that drove their decision.

September 2016: Rxxxxx. Yes - sold via boatshare web site

September 2016: I just wanted to let you know I have sold my share of EXXXX, so your website was very effective. Please could you now remove the advert. (NB. This share sold in about one week)

September 2016: Just to advise that my share in FXXXX has now been sold... the share was sold through boatshare.

October 2016: Thank you for your email. I sold the share early on in the life of the advert......

October 2016: I am pleased to say that following our advert on Boat Share we have now sold our shares on KXXXX, could you please therefore remove the advert from the site. Many thanks for your help.

October 2016: I am pleased to tell you that my share in SXXXXX has been sold. I had contact within first week of advertising with you and these people were the purchasers.

I had four other serious potential purchasers "in the wings", all who had made contact through your website. I thank you for our success in this transaction and highly recommend your website to all potential purchasers and vendors of narrow boat shares. Excellent value and your knowledge of our boat was second to none.

October 2016: I currently have an advert for a share for sale on nb SXXXXX. The share has been sold, and I had to turn people away!! Would you please remove the advert from the website. Many thanks for your help and guidance and good luck for the future.

October 2016: I have sold my share, thanks. Would you please take down my advert. I know that BXXXXX (cc'd), another DXXXX share-owner, wishes to use my advert as the basis for selling his share.

October 2016: My (two) shares have been sold. I'm amazed at the following you have and how little time it has taken me to sell each time. This was a great idea you put into action. Please mark my DXXXXXXX shares as sold.

November 2016: ....and yes it was from your advert....

November 2016:....Yes from the advert at the full asking price to a previous owner.....

November 2016:....Yes Philip, it was from the advert on your site

December 2016: Have now sold our share in CXXXXXX through your website so thank you very much for that. Please remove our advert.

December 2016: Just to let you know we have now sold our share in TXXXXX so if the add is still live could you remove it please or highlight as sold. The add was obviously very effective - thanks for your help.

December 2016: Many thanks for your help in setting up the advertisement for the TXXXX share. It is now sold and we wish to cancel the advert.

December 2016: I am pleased to say my share in DXXXXX has sold and money paid. Please remove my ad when convenient! Thank you for your help and patience!

December 2016: My share in DXXXXXXXXX has now been sold so please remove my advert from your website. Your service is first class and so easy to use.

December 2016: Can you please remove the advert for KXXXXX as I have sold my share, also take me of the mailing list.
Many thanks for your help in selling the share.

January 2017: This is to let you know that our boat share has sold and we have received our money. The add can now be taken down. Many thanks and when we sell the other half we swill contact you again. I have given your name to various people was your site works very well we think.

January 2017: Great news our share in TXXXXXX has now changed hands so I would like you to remove our advert as soon as you can and thank you very much . Regards.

February 2017: Yes it was via the website .. ...was a delay but original sighting in August last year.. yes things have picked up with boat interests.

February 2017: Please note that thanks to your obviously very effective website my two share weeks in BXXXXXXX have now been sold so please remove the advert. Thank you very much.

March 2017:
I'm delighted to be able to report that our two MXXXXX shares have been sold. Please take the and down and remove me from your mailing list as well. Many thanks for your help and excellent web-site.

March 2017: I am pleased to say that the sale of my 1/12th share in SXXXXX has now been successfully concluded. Can you please therefore delete the advert from the Boatshare web site. It was your advert that brought this (and four other) enquiries.

April 2017: Q "Did your advert on my web site sell it for you" A "Yes, absolutely"

April 2017: Q "Did your advert on my web site sell it for you" A "Well it must be - we did not advertise anywhere else! And we had about 3 or 4 other enquiries I had to turn down whilst this one was still under consideration.

April 2017: The advert for my share in nb HXXXXX can now be taken down, as the share has been sold. It did go to someone who'd seen the ad on your site, so thanks very much!

May 2017: Just to let you know that we have agreed the sale of our share in DXXXXXX and their payment has been received. Please can you deactivate our advert as soon as convenient. Many thanks for your help with this and we appreciate how quickly we found a buyer once the advert went live.

May 2017: I have at last sold SXXXXX, so can you please remove from the website. I have had quite a few enquiries over the last few months, so thank you for administering the advert and at a competitive price (so very happy)

May 2107: To let you know that this share (ZXXXXX) has now been sold. Thanks to your site for getting the message out. Can you arrange to remove details from your for sale section. Thanks

May 2017: Once again we've sold our share in our narrow boat via the Boatshare web site. Super easy even from Canada. Thanks again for your efficient work Philip. We are most satisfied.

May 2017: I have now completed the sale of my share in SXXXXX via the ad placed with you on the boatshare site. I would therefore ask you to remove the ad from the site. I had a number of responses to the advert. The one that stands out was a chap who wanted me to meet him and his wife to help him persuade her to the joys of boating. It was obvious she was not a boating lass - they had owned a couple of boats in the past. I replied saying that maybe he should change her to a boat friendly model or find a boat loving mistress. His reply was 'now there's an idea'. I wonder what transpired.....

May 2017: Pleased to report that the share currently for sale in AXXXX has sold thanks to your advert so can you please now take it down.
As before, thanks for your help.

June 2017: Just to let you know that we have sold our 4 week share to Mr Wxxxxxxx. After careful consideration we have decided to keep the 2 week share for a little longer. Therefore could you remove MXXXXXX from the website. Many thanks.

June 2017: Please could you remove the advert for narrow boat KXXXXX? The share is now sold. It did sell from the advertisement on your site.

June 2017: I am writing to advise that the shares in RXXXXXX have now been sold and ask you to take the entry off the Sale List.
Please also delete my name from the circulation list which advisees additions to the list. Thank you for the excellent service provided by

June 2017: I'm pleased to say that this share is now sold, thank you. (BS. Can I ask if it sold as a result of the advert on the boatshare web site?) Definitely.

June 2017: An email came in from your site at 13.09, (3 hours after advert went live) checking that the OXXXX share is still for sale. Is this a record? Job done, thanks. Can take the ad down when you're ready.

July 2017: I wanted to let you know that the share in the OXXXXX has been sold and so I would be grateful if you could delete the listing from your website. We have had around 6 enquiries recently, so could most probably sold it many times over. The people who bought our share had also sold a share for a 58ft boat through Boatshare as they wanted a smaller boat. We are very pleased at how easy and quick it was to sell our share through your company.

July 2017: Just to inform you I have sold my share in SXXXX please remove from your excellent web site.

July 2017: Pleased to inform you that I have successfully sold my share in Dorchester this month, it was not advertised anywhere else.

July 2017: The share in the narrowboat SXXXXXX is now sold. Can you therefore amend your website etc to reflect this? Your website was the only place we advertised it for sale.

"I'm very happy to endorse and recommend the Boatshare website as the most efficient and fastest way to sell or buy a share in a narrowboat. It seems that there is a significant number of would-be buyers who keep a regular check on the shares on offer, ready to buy when they see what they like. So the site does what it says on the tin very efficiently and simply - but having said that, price is also an important factor in achieving a quick sale, as with everything else."

July 2017: (3) I am delighted to inform you that all three shares for sale in SXXXXX have now sold and the advert should now be removed.
We had quite a few enquiries over the few months since the advert first appeared. However, much to my surprise, whilst we had three people who were currently showing an interest, a fourth party made contact and within the hour decided to buy, sight unseen! Obviously our share price was on the low side compared to many of the other craft you have on your list which I guess does help. Nevertheless I think it also shows just how effective your website is as a source of shares available for sale.

July 2017: I am pleased to say we have now completed the sale of our share in nb DXXXXXXXXX. Please take down the advertisement from your website. For your information, we had a total of 6 enquiries - two by word of mouth and four via the website. The first of the website enquirers withdrew as soon as he realised the boat was pet free; we sold the share to the second enquirer; and had to disappoint the last two!

July 2017: Moneys in the bank! So you can remove my ad from the site. Thank you for all your help. I am amazed how quickly we sold. I will put the other syndicate members who are selling in touch with you. (Sold in 24 hours)

August 2017: I am pleased to report that we have, today, completed on the sale of our share in NB PXXXX and would ask that you now remove the advertisement from your BoatShare website. Thank you for providing this invaluable and very reasonable service. We have had lots of enquiries from other potential purchasers.

August 2017: We have today completed the sale of TXXXXXXX to a couple who saw our advert on your website. Many thanks for your assistance in achieving this successful outcome and best wishes for the future to you and your website, which provides a valuable, low cost service bringing owners and buyers together. We had another enquiry today!

August 2017: Just to let you know that we have sold our share in Dorchester. Please would you remove the advert from your site or mark as "sold". It was definitely your advert and we had several enquiries.

September 2017: I am pleased to let you know that we have successfully sold our share through you advert. Thank you for your help in advertising it, which played a big part in getting a quick and smooth sale. Can you please now take the advert down.

September 2017: Many thanks, we had 6 enquiries, this led to 3 viewings (and a too late request for a 4th), and have today sold our share.
Best of luck for the future, who knows, we may return to the waterways in the future, and are happy to stay on your mailing list.

September 2017......Yes it did. In fact I could have sold it 10 times over....

September 2017. .....Q. Just for my statistics can I ask if it sold from the advert on my web site? A. Yes it did.

October 2017 has done it again, we have just this morning completed the sale of our shares on NB MXXXX, so could you please remove the ad from your site. Considering it's been advertised for only a few days that's amazing. Thank you for all your help . I would certainly recommend this site to anyone wanting to sell their boats or shares.

October 2017: you happen to know if it was off my site where they first found the advert? ....Yes it was .......

October 2017: Good afternoon. Thank you for your help in the sale of VXXXXXX. She was sold last weekend. Oddly no interest was shown at all until last week and since then I have had about five queries. Thanks again.

OCTOBER 2017: I am pleased to tell you that both our shares in SXXXXXX have sold - I have been really pleased with the inquiries your ad has given rise to, and they are still coming in! Do we have a way of marking them sold ourselves or do you do it?  Many thanks for all your help to date, till the next time...

November 2017: Thank-you for all your help concerning the advertisement of Exxxxxx, a few enquiries from New Zealand, Australia etc, ended up selling the share to a local couple from our hometown!

November 2017: .....I think the guy who contacted you was JF who went on to buy the share. The sale actually took effect on 15th Oct but, in reality, it was all done and dusted by late September so thanks to your website, the process of selling the share from advert to accepted offer, took less than a month. Would you please take the advert off the website? It's quite possible that we shall decide to sell our other share in the next year or so and, if we do, we shall, of course use Boatshare. Thanks for all your help.

November 2017: Just to let you know that my Share on MXXXX has now been sold at 2pm today. This took a bit longer to sell I am disappointed LOL (Note from boatshare: This previous share to be advertised took 2 hours to sell, this took 4 hours. There is a joke here somewhere)

November 2017: yes I had a few inquiries from your site - I placed ads in a number of sites and could put the final share sale down to one of your inquiries. All the new owners are international also (Irish, American, Russian) so you must be reaching far. Many thanks and best regards until next time.

November 2017: Philip, I wanted to let you know my share on MXXXXXX was sold yesterday, so may I ask you to de-list the advert please? It has taken a little while, however interest has spiked in the last four weeks.

November 2017: I am pleased to inform you that I have sold my share in PXXXXX and have received the asking price. You said you thought it would go quickly but I wasn't expecting such a good response! You can now therefore remove PXXXXX from your website. Thank you for the very helpful and efficient way you conducted this transaction.

December 2017: Can you show that my share in GXXXXXX has now been sold. The buyer had been searching a few boats in France and found mine on boatshare.

December 2017: Just to let you know that I have sold our shares - three weeks in August - in BXXXXXXX so can you please note that accordingly on your website. So thank you.

shares sold in 2017 so far

January 2018: date I've had six replies, three of which discovered us via your website. If I eventually get a full set I'll update you with the results.




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