Advertising your share 
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This section is specific to the share you are offering for sale

e.g. 12th, 8% etc.
e.g. I get a guaranteed three weeks plus options on a fourth (etc....)
In pounds sterling. Things like Offers, O.N.O., Per Week etc. are NOT Allowed
Please give EXACT DATE inc the YEAR. You CANNOT alter these once the advert is written. If none state none.
e.g bought own boat, old age, trying something different.
Is your share a school holiday share with GUARANTEED school holidays
Please state how much THIS YEAR your running costs are per month or per year
You MUST select one of the options below
See the form filling hints page but you have to say here how much of the running costs you expect to recoup etc.
e.g. We have been owners on xx for x years and have enjoyed our time. The boat has .....

Now Hit Submit Above.... be taken to the page where you will be asked to confirm who owns copyright and also you send over any general information such as please remove the picture of the cooker, can you note that the name of the boat has been changed....etc.