Your advert on boatshare is due to expire

Thank you for advertising with me for the last 12 months. Could I just ask you how to move forward with your advert once is expires?

Should you elect to renew your advert for a further 12 months this will be discounted from the usual price to £40 if you complete this form and send it in BEFORE your advert is removed from the site.

When you complete the form below you will be directed to the payment page, if you are not renewing just ignore it. 


In 2019 this web site sold 53 shares to our knowledge - see the testimonials page.

Before you proceed please be aware that your old (expiring) advert must still be live on the web site. You can check that here (France here) but in a nutshell if you have had a reminder letter regarding it expiring in the last two ot three weeks it will be fine, much longer and you should just make sure it is still there.

(If it has gone then you need to go here)