Some information on shared ownership


Links to some more Reading. Some pieces are quite old

More Reading

The history of narrow boat shared ownership can be read here 

A share of your own (2010 Waterways World following the collapse of Challenger and OwnerShips).

Share and Share Alike from 2007 (somewhat dated especially as the writer took a share with OwnerShips but worth a read to get a flavour of what to look for and ask. Part ONE and Part TWO are here.

A boat on the Midi concerns shared ownership in France. Part ONE and Part TWO are here.

A list of compaines managing boats can be found here

UK shared narrow boat

One of 44 shares sold in 2015

UK shared narrow boat

One of 41 shares sold in 2016

UK shared narrow boat

One of 49 shares sold in 2017

UK shared narrow boat

One Of 46 Sold In 2018

UK shared narrow boat